3D Pavement Art

Paintings that make people’s eyes go 0_o. This is what I chose, 3D pavement art. I chose this because they are very realistic and it definitely tricks your mind into thinking the illusion real. Julian Beever is one of the artists that create 3D illusions on sidewalks.

Julian Beever started painting in began pavement art as a busker, drawing in different countries including the USA, Australia and Europe to fund his travels and began anamorphic pavement illusions in early 90’s. He developed his 3 dimensional or “anamorphic” pavement drawings out of curiosity and a love of the medium. These became well known in early 2000’s and commercial commissions followed (“Julian Beever,” 2012).


Justin Beever, Coke.

Justin Beever’s work Coke is a great illusion because it looks like there’s actually a big bottle of Coke there. The reflection of the bottle also looks very realistic.  


Justin Beever, Portable Computer, The Strand, London.

A Sony Vaio on concrete! This definitely is an eye-catching 3-D painting. It looks as if I can just lay there on the cement and type! I probably would too.


Justin Beever, Make Poverty History.

I like this painting because the earth is very well painted. The colors are almost identical to a real globe and the continents are perfectly drawn.


Kurt Wenner, Ghetto.

I like this painting because it reminds me of Greek mythology and the Renaissance. The painter also uses great tenebrism.  


Kurt Wenner, The Last Judgment.

I definitely like this painting because it’s one of the most popular paintings of The Last Judgment. It was signed to be Sacred Art by the Pope.


Kurt Wenner, Echo and Narcissus.

I love this picture because it looks like he’s swimming and it also has a reflection of him. It also reminds me of Greek mythology and Renaissance art.

All these works put together are a very creative use of art. It reminds me of the ceiling Fresco with Trompe l’oeuil done by Andrea Pozzo.

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