Kassulo Kwenda

Kassulo Kwenda, Antognoni Brunhoso, 1993.

I decided to explore African paintings and came across this beautiful piece. It is by Antognoni Brunhoso.

Antognoni Brunhoso was born in Malange, Angola on January 7, 1962, which is one year after the start of the Angolan revolution and the struggle for independence. In 1975, he celebrated the independence of Angola in Malange and also experienced the beginning of the civil war. He moved to Luanda then Portugal and lastly, Amsterdam where he furthered his art (De Jonge, n.d.).

I selected this work because first of all, it is very colorful. It also appealed to me as I was scrolling through many other African pieces because there were animals, flowers, birds and a tree. It reminds me of going on a safari or the jungle. Although, you cannot see it well, but there is water. All colors blend together well.  I think it would be a perfect piece for a stain glassed window.

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